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Ice Cream

About Us

Our History

Sweetest Perfection is a family run business.  We opened in June 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis, but we are here to stay.  We believe being involved in the local community is very important and is part of our culture.  Sweetest Perfection believes that all businesses need to be involved in their communities and local schools.

Sweetest Perfection is all about creating an artisan, handmade, gourmet Gelato (Italian Ice Cream). We strive to give the customer only the best Gelato in Utah, and using only quality ingredients. We have also added gourmet popcorn to our lineup, including some usually combinations; for example, caramel and yellow cheddar (Chicago-style) or grape and white cheddar (purple and while) or cherry, blue raspberry, and white cheddar (4th of July blend).  We will continue to have a different blend for every season and will work will schools and business to create a unique blend for them.

Vegan friendly is very important, we have several Gelato flavors that are Vegan friendly; including a Double Chocolate Delight.  Sweetest Perfection will continue to create new flavors that are Vegan friendly and retain the highest of flavors.


Opening Hours


Monday  11am - 7pm
Tuesday  11am - 7pm
Wednesday  11am - 7pm
Thursday  11am - 7pm
Friday  11am - 9pm
Saturday  11am - 9pm
Sunday  1pm - 6pm

Ice Cream


785 East 200 South
Suite 8
Lehi, UT 84043